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Dental Diagnosis

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Getting a professional online dental diagnosis can give you the confidence you need to decide what to do.

Professional online dental consultations for just $35 

Consult the Dentist
Consult the Dentist
Consult the Dentist
Consult the Dentist
Meet the Dentist

Dr. Joshua Rubin graduated from The University of Maryland – Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, one of the top dental schools in the US, and is experienced in all facets of dentistry, 

How it Works
  • Complete a short medical form

  • Upload your x-rays

  • Pay securely with your credit card or PayPal

  • Receive a full consultation report within 3 business days

News and Tips

Welcome to our all-new website! We hope to continue to serve your dental needs and to provide you with the best, most professional, affordable, online dental second opinions and consultations.

Consult the Dentist provides low-cost, personal, professional, and unbiased dental opinions 

Take control of your dental health

Be Confident in Your Diagnosis 

Before making treatment decisions, you should be certain that your diagnosis is correct. An objective second opinion from an impartial, professional dentist can give you the confidence you need to move forward with treatment.

Explore Treatment Options

If you are weighing treatment options and are unsure of the pros and cons, we can help you assess your situation. Because our dentist is an impartial expert, you can be sure that the information your receive is unbiased and accurate.

Make Informed Medical Decisions

When deciding on a course of treatment, it is always best to understand the details of your condition, the options available, and the expected outcomes. We can help guide you so you can have an informed and productive discussion with your dentist and decide upon the best course of treatment for you..

It's the $35 consultation that could save you thousands

Koby, Boston

"Dr. Rubin's advice was invaluable...based on his report, I chose a different treatment and felt more comfortable about it. Dr. Rubin's report was thorough and explained everything clearly. I didn't know this service existed but I'm glad I found it. Thanks so much!"

Dennis, Massachusetts

"Thank you Josh, This is exactly what I needed. Very helpful. I really had no idea this service was available online, I think many people would find it very useful. This will enable me to have a much better discussion with my dentist about the possible options, and also give me some time to think about how I feel about them rather than having to answer on the spot. I feel I got very good value for my money."

Ellen, Baltimore

"It was great having a dentist answer all my questions without feeling like I was being pressured into treatment. Thanks for the fast response and for answering my follow-up questions the same day. It really helped to have this information when I saw my dentist. Thanks again."

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