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Meet the Dentist

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Joshua Rubin is a graduate of The University of Maryland –Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, one of the top dental schools in the US. Dr. Rubin completed a year of residency at the VA hospital in Miami and a year at the Advanced General Dentistry Clinic at the University of Maryland and has passed both the Florida and North East Regional Dental Boards.

Dr. Rubin is experienced in all facets of dentistry, including pediatric, endodontic (root canals), restorative, esthetic, implant placement, and surgical dental procedures. He is committed to providing all his patients with safe, painless, quality dental care.

Since 2004, Dr. Rubin has been practicing in private practice, including at a dental clinic at the Johns Hopkins medical complex. He is currently the medical director of a large dental facility.

Degrees and Certification

D.D.S University of Maryland, 2002
Maryland State Dental Boards
Certificate of Residency



We welcome feedback from our clients! 

"Thank you Josh, This is exactly what I needed. Very helpful. I really had no idea this service was available online, I think many people would find it very useful. This will enable me to have a much better discussion with my dentist about the possible options, and also give me some time to think about how I feel about them rather than having to answer on the spot. I feel I got very good value for my money."- Dennis, Massachusetts

"Thank you very much for your opinion. Its an excellent service especially when you get reply within 48Hours."- N., India

"I appreciate the quick response and will likely schedule the replacement as you suggested before end of year"- John, United Kingdom.

"It was great having a dentist answer all my questions without feeling like I was being pressured into treatment. Thanks for the fast response and for answering my follow-up questions the same day. It really helped to have this information when I saw my dentist. Thanks again." - Ellen, Baltimore. 

"Dr. Rubin's advice was invaluable...based on his report, I chose a different treatment and felt more comfortable about it. Dr. Rubin's report was thorough and explained everything clearly. I didn't know this service existed but I'm glad I found it. Thanks so much!"
- Koby E, Boston

Thanks very much for your advice, and for really taking my daughter's situation to heart. You offer an unique service and I really appreciate it."- Lisa R.

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Contact Us

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