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We are a relatively new service, and we welcome any feedback you can give us. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers!

"Thank you Josh, This is exactly what I needed. Very helpful. I really had no idea this service was available online, I think many people would find it very useful. This will enable me to have a much better discussion with my dentist about the possible options, and also give me some time to think about how I feel about them rather than having to answer on the spot. I feel I got very good value for my money."- Dennis, Massachusetts

"Thank you very much for your opinion. Its an excellent service especially when you get reply within 48Hours."- N., India

"I appreciate the quick response and will likely schedule the replacement as you suggested before end of year"- John, United Kingdom.

"It was great having a dentist answer all my questions without feeling like I was being pressured into treatment. Thanks for the fast response and for answering my follow-up questions the same day. It really helped to have this information when I saw my dentist. Thanks again." - Ellen, Baltimore. 

"Dr. Rubin's advice was invaluable...based on his report, I chose a different treatment and felt more comfortable about it. Dr. Rubin's report was thorough and explained everything clearly. I didn't know this service existed but I'm glad I found it. Thanks so much!"
- Koby E, Boston

Thanks very much for your advice, and for really taking my daughter's situation to heart. You offer an unique service and I really appreciate it."- Lisa R.

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