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Why get a dental second opinion?

Second opinions are important in dentistry, medicine, and other fields as well. Even if you have a long-standing relationship with your dentist, it never hurts to get another opinion, especially in cases where the suggested treatment is extensive and/or expensive. Some dentists are more aggressive in their treatment plans and some less, but hearing another opinion is invaluable in helping one make the best medical, aesthetic, and financial decision possible. Although dentists often have different opinions on the best treatment, there are often various options of treatment, none of which is necessarily “better” than another. For example, small cavities, called incipient lesions, might be filled by one dentist while another will put them under “watch”. Another example is a tooth that one dentist might extract, while another one would try to save. Getting another opinion can help you to feel confident of the correct choice of treatment, and could save you money as well.


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