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Looking for a New Dentist? Here's What to Ask...

Finding a new dentist you like and trust can be tricky. Finding one close by, whose fees match your wallet, can be near impossible. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and any new dentist, before your first appointment.

  1. Is the dentist accepting new patients?

  2. How long has the dentist been in practice?

  3. What is the policy for missed or cancelled appointments?

  4. Does the dentist treat patients with special conditions?

  5. Does the dentist use any relaxation or sedation techniques to ease dental phobia?

  6. Does the dentist see children as well as adults?

  7. How long does it take, usually, to get an appointment?

  8. What kind of dental technology does the dentist use?

  9. Does the dentist take continuing education courses and stay up to date with the latest techniques?

  10. Is the office convenient to your work or home?

  11. Are the office hours compatible with your schedule?

  12. What kind of emergency or after-hours care does the dentist provide?

  13. What is the cost for a routine filling? Crown? Cleaning?

  14. Does the office offer any kind of payment plans?

  15. Does the office accept your insurance?

  16. Will the office file claims for you or will you have to do it yourself?

  17. How does payment work? Does the office accept co-pays or do you have to pay the full amount up front?


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