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Dan's Dilemma

One of our patients- we'll call him Dan- wrote to us with a problem. His new dentist had found 9 cavities that she wanted to fill, but Dan had never had a cavity in his life! His dentist seemed nice, and honest, but Dan was conflicted. Filling 9 cavities is expensive!

The fact is, most dentists ARE honest. But there are different ways of approaching dental treatment, and some dentists are more aggressive (filling very small cavities, for example), while others will try a wait-and-watch approach.

When Dan realized that some of these cavities weren't urgent, and could be monitored instead of filled, he decided to do just that, saving himself time and money. In fact, with proper dental hygiene, many very small cavities will "fix" themselves overtime, and this is just what happened to Dan. Several years later, his smallest cavities no longer appeared as cavities at all! While some of his teeth did end up needing treatment, getting an online second-opinion saved Dan money, time, and discomfort!


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