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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be assured my information will stay confidential?

At Consult the Dentist, we guarantee the confidentiality of your medical information. After your report is sent and follow-up questions answered, your information will be erased from our data bank, unless you choose to keep your information on file for future consultations. We will never give or sell your information to a third party.

I don't have an x-ray. Can the dentist answer my question?

Dr. Rubin will be happy to advise you on a course of dental treatment or answer your dental questions. However, without an x-ray, the dentist can only give a general answer based on the information you provide. The more information you give, the more specific the dentist can be. 

What if the dentist cannot read my x-ray?

If the x-ray is unclear, or the dentist feels he cannot make a confident diagnosis from the information provided, you will receive your money back via PayPal. You are always invited to try again with a clearer x-ray and/or more information.

How much medical information do I need to provide?

Any information related to your dental history is important, as are any underlying conditions- such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. The information you provide enables the dentist to make an accurate and appropriate recommendation.

How do I get my x-rays?

Ask your dentist to send your x-rays to you via email. Alternatively, you can ask for a CD of your x-rays, or ask for the actual x-rays, and take a picture of them to send to our dentist. Click Here for more information on the best way to take a readable photograph of your x-rays. 

How do I send my x-rays to Consult-the-Dentist?

You can upload them when submitting your inquiry, or send them as an attachment via email (Note: please make sure your name and the word "X-rays" appear clearly in the subject line).

What does my $35 entitle me to?

Your $35 entitles you to one consultation report, in which the dentist will give you his diagnosis and recommendation for further treatment. You are also entitled to one follow-up correspondence, should you have any questions about your report.

What if I have questions about the dentists recommendation?

Any questions you may have can be directed to the dentist in your follow-up correspondence. Any subsequent questions or dental queries can only be addressed by requesting an additional report.

Can I ask the dentist questions without having had an exam first?

Consult the Dentist is a second opinion service and does not replace a dental exam.  All our clients are encouraged to have regular, in-person exams to ensure good life-long dental health.

I was about to undergo an expensive procedure, and the dentist recommended against it. What’s the next step?

Should the dentist advise against a particular treatment, we advise you to take your consultation report and your x-rays to another dentist who can provide you with alternative treatment. 

How long can I expect to wait for my consultation report?

Your consultation report will arrive via email or fax (should you request it) within 3 business days. Please be sure to check your 'junk mail' regularly, or add us as a contact.

I have two separate dental questions; do I need to pay twice?

Multiple dental problems that can be clearly seen on one x-ray will be treated as one problem. Full mouth queries, though, may require more than one report. If so, you will be informed prior.

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